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Tropical Wood Exports



Our Company is established in Central America and operates in the Tropical wood and Scrap metal market, exporting:

Rough and semi-processed woods, principally Teak (Tectona Grandis) Gmelina (Gmelina arborea), Pine (Pinus Caribaea) and Saman (Samanea Saman).

The company operates with high standards and all the certifications to only trade legally harvested wood, coming from licit plantations, with a verified quality, and is the head of a selected group of direct exporters with own forestry operation and logistic chain.

Products offered are Round logs, semi processed squares and some fine cut squares or planks, with different measures available.

Export is made directly by our Group through its local branches, to constantly monitor the process and the products until they are loaded on containers, carefully measured and approved.

Scrap metal business involves:

PNS (Plate and Structurals), HMS1, HMS2, NTP (New tin plate), Steel cans, electric motors & compressors.



We export wood in three forms (depending on species):

- Round Logs

- Rough squares, handsaw cut

- Clean cut squares/planks/boards, machine cut

In any case, quality of the product and precision/fairness of the measurement (i.e. calculation of paid CBM) are guaranteed, to grant our clients the best quality/price ratio.

Again, we highlight that all products come from legal plantations, with original certifications and treatment certificates.

We believe some images of the material can self-explain as below; these and updated pictures available also for download at following link.

Scrap is exported in bundles or any other way fit for the material, to have the maximum result in terms of loaded capacity.



We do trust in long term relationships. We strive every day to ensure fairness, quality and fulfilment of agreements.

We are ready to examine all opportunities to cooperate for a profitable and stable business, offering our best endeavours to reach targets set with our clients and partners.

We handle all classes of contract and business models, open to innovative solutions and cooperations.

Security & safety

Our Colombian branches are members of Procolombia exporters network, a State-held company which ensures fair and reliable international trade to and from Colombia. Our office and instalments  are periodically visited by their staff, as well as our main clients ones, to ensure highest standards of safety and practice.

Moreover, our Group works and acts putting in place all best means and actions to prevent possible accidents and issues related to shipments. We always work in a safe, sterilised, protected environment, like the Puerto Cabello Port in Venezuela or Cartagena Port in Colombia, to prevent possible contamination problems, due to the known issues of the Countries of origin.

Safely working in potentially problematic areas is our expertise.



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